Recently Game Changer PAC published our poll results, and it made a lot of people unhappy. Our poll showed that the bulk of Republican Primary voters would not vote in the 2016 General Presidential Election if Jeb Bush was the nominee .  The response to our poll on Social Media was staggering.  It was feast or famine.  People either agreed with it  or they attacked us.

Those that attacked us said that it was a worthless poll, that we faked it all, that we didn’t know what we were doing, et cetera.  No matter what the attack the message was that they could not believe the poll result.  And, since they couldn’t believe it, it had to be fake.

It is important for everyone to know that we had no ulterior motive with the poll and Game Changer PAC has not endorsed, or backed, any current, or potential, Presidential Candidate from any party for the 2016 Presidential Race.

This morning we were informed of a poll with a similar result from Bloomberg.  There is a bit of a discrepancy with the numbers.  Our poll showed 59.66% would never vote for Bush while their’s said 42%.  The discrepancy comes from the fact that they polled Republicans AND Independents where ours only polled Likely Republican Primary Voters.  Nevertheless the Bloomberg poll results are a vindication for our poll results.

Starting at 2:59 in the below video, John Heilemann from Bloomberg shares the results of their poll.

You may be asking yourself: “Why have I not heard of this truly shocking poll result from a major polling agency?”  We were wondering the same thing.  So we looked around and found that the story of this poll, showing this shocking result, has NOT showed up on the websites of ANY MAIN STREAM MEDIA SOURCE.

Not one.  No Fox, No MSNBC, No CNN, No NBC, No ABC, and with the exception of being aired on Face the Nation -as part of a panel discussion that the spent 40 seconds talking about it before quickly changing the topic to IRAN- NO CBS.

We here at Game Changer PAC believe in raising the level of public debate and we know some people tend to get a bit nasty in debates but it is now clear that the topic of this debate should be “Should Jeb even get into the race -since he has not yet declared or filed- now that it is clear that he can not win, and instead use his PAC’s 100 million dollars to support a different candidate?”

Not: “Is Game Changer PAC just putting out a falsified hit piece because they don’t like Jeb Bush.”  It should be abundantly clear to all, now, that our poll was real. And the result, though shocking and obviously not good news for Jeb Bush, was accurate.