Tax Inclusive Pricing

Have you ever gone to a store for a large shopping trip, and your total was higher that you thought it should be?  Then you look at your receipt and realize the taxes and fees that were added on were higher that you were expecting?

From Sales Taxes, Redemption Value fees, and a host of other taxes and fees -depending on what you are buying- the “sticker price” is almost never the price you actually pay.  Why Not?  The answer is simple and complex at the same time.  It boils down this : Before computers it was easier to just tag the price on items and then add the taxes and fees at the register  because tax and fee rates change.

Opponents of this idea think that it would be bad for retailers because they would need to re-tag items on shelves.  They also complain about the “complex calculations for each item to make sure they are priced properly”  Having worked at multiple places with Basic, and Advanced, Point of Sale Systems I can tell you that it is actually very simple and at the most difficult only requires the checking of one box on each item in the main Point of Sale computer.  Large retailers that can push updates to their stores remotely would be able to send the new data to all of their stores at once.

This is something that will make life easier for all Americans and be easy to implement.  It is time that we adopt a Tax Inclusive Pricing System.

Tax Inclusive Pricing


I call upon Congress and the President to enact legislation to require that all retailers be required to list the Full price of goods , including the sum of all taxes and fees, on the price labels for products. Therefore allowing customers the ability to know exactly what their end price will be at the register.


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