Steve King Endorsed

Steve King

Running for the Office of Representative from Iowa’s 4th Congressional District.

Elected in 2004 to represent Iowa’s 5th District (redistricted to Iowa’s 4th following the 2010 census),  Steve took the lead in ripping down the Government-installed barricades leading to the World War II monument during the Government shutdown of October 2013.
King is an outspoken advocate of securing our borders, having stated his advocacy for concrete walls, citing his own personal experience in earth moving, drainageand, concrete construction ventures, inspired by the success of the walls built around the state of Israel.
As 97% of Iowa’s businesses are small business, King received a special waiver to serve on the House Small Business Committee so he could work to restrict government regulations that impede the growth of business and jobs. He continues to sit on the Small Business Committee as he serves Iowa’s 4th and he brings with him to the Committee firsthand knowledge of challenges faced by small business owners.