Shelly Moore Capito Endorsed

Shelly Moore Capito

Running for Senator from West Virginia

There is no better friend in Washington to the people of West Virginia than Congresswoman Capito, who is running for the vacated Senate seat created when Jay Rockefeller chose to retire, rather than face the voters of West Virginia.

President Obama’s “War on Coal” is what made Rockefeller run for the hills, and made this a very winnable seat for someone with the concerns of the people in West Virginia at heart.  Domestic energy sources like coal, and the President’s subsequent overregulation which seeks to destroy it, have put this senate seat in play and we urge all West Virginia voters to cast their ballot for Congresswoman Capito.

Congresswoman Capito proudly serves the people of West Virginia’s Second Congressional District, where she represents a diverse constituency stretching from the Ohio River Valley to the state’s Eastern Panhandle.

Shelly believes that the challenges of our day demand bipartisan solutions and works with her colleagues on both sides of the aisle to advance legislation that benefits West Virginia. She has been a tireless advocate for a range of policies that directly impact West Virginians, including energy independence, quality health care, safe highways, national security, and veterans’ issues.