Larry Wilske Endorsed

Larry Wilske

Running for the Office of Representative from California’s 53rd Congressional District.

Game Changer PAC is pleased to endorse Larry A. Wilske. Running for the United States House of Representatives from California’s 53rd District.

A 30 Year Veteran of the United States Navy, and former SEAL, Master Chief Wilske knows what it means to keep an oath. We look forward to him replacing Susan Davis, the Incumbent in CA53.

Representative Davis is a Bad Player in the Game of Government. Who voted along party lines 96% of the time, and abstained 3% of the time. Rep Davis has an approval rating of 25% according to OPENCONGRESS. Her voting record includes voting to tear down the Veterans memorial at Mount Soledad because there was a cross, voting for & promoting lies about the PPACA, voting to reduce retirement pay & benefits for military Veterans, and has voted against 2nd Amendment rights.