Dan Sullivan Endorsed

Dan Sullivan

Running for Senator from Alaska

Former Alaska Attorney General Dan Sullivan is our pick to become the next Senator from Alaska. Sullivan was Assistant US Secretary of State for Economic, Energy and Business Affairs during the Bush Administration. He also served on the National Security Council and White House National Economic Growth Staffs. Sullivan is a leading voice for America’s Energy independence from foreign sources.

Dan Sullivan has dedicated his life to serving Alaska and America. He is a proven leader with a strong record of getting big things done for Alaska. As Alaska’s Attorney General and Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources, his accomplishments have focused on protecting Alaskans, promoting energy security and economic opportunity, and fighting against the Obama Administration overreach into our lives and economy.

He is an optimistic, “action conservative” who believes that being an effective public leader is about putting the values of strong families, less government and more freedom, private enterprise, lower taxes, and state sovereignty into action to benefit Alaskans.

Dan also has a distinguished record of military and national service. He is currently a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves with 20 years of service as an infantry and reconnaissance officer. He served as a U.S. Assistant Secretary of State focusing on economic, energy, finance, and sanctions and terrorist finance, as well as a Director on the National Security Council staff under Condoleezza Rice when she was the country’s Secretary of State and National Security Advisor.