Charlie Schaupp Endorsed


Running for California’s 4th Assembly District

Game Changer PAC has endorsed Charlie Schaupp for CA State Assembly District 4.  While Game Changer PAC would not normally endorse a candidate in a State Assembly race we feel that we must, in this instance.

Charlie Schaupp is truly the best pick for the 4th Assembly District.  In this wide-open race for a seat, left vacant by termed-out Assemblywoman Mariko Yamada, Charlie is one of 5 candidates.  Charlie Schaupp is a farmer -whose family has been farming in the area since the 1880′s-, a former Officer of the United States Marine Corps, Iraq War Veteran, Former elected School Board Member, and currently serves as one of the directors of the Esparto Community Services District.

Mr. Schaupp earned an associate degree in agricultural business from Yuba College and a bachelor’s in agriculture from Chico State University with an emphasis on soils, irrigation and drainage.  He also studied viticulture and enology in a graduate program.  In short, He knows how to deal with government regulations that are levied on farms, small businesses and vineyards, and is an expert in water and soil issues.

Currently water issues, such as allocation for farmers, are at the forefront of the minds of everyone that works the ground in the district as the current drought has caused a 0% water allocation for farmers.  The People of the 4th District need an expert in that area and that is exactly what they will find in Charlie Schaupp.

The rest of the field in the race has no where near the experience, or knowledge, that Charlie Schaupp has in the areas that affect the citizens of California’s 4th Assembly District.  We urge all citizens of the 4th to actively support Charlie Schaupp – A True Game Changer.

UPDATE: Charlie Schaupp has won his primary election and is now moving on to November. The above endorsement was made before the primary election and references 5 Candidates in the race. Since Charlie won won his primary, the number is now 2. He remains the best qualified candidate, by far.