Brenda Lenard Endorsed

Brenda Lenard


Game Changer PAC has been made aware of some things that Ms. Lenard has done in her past and also to her contracted employees that has led us to the difficult decision to retract our endorsement of Ms. Lenard.  We apologize to those that supported her because because of our endorsement.  However we can not, in good conscience, lend our name or endorsement to her any longer or ever again in the future.


Game Changer PAC is pleased to endorse Brenda Lenard for the office of Senator from the State of Tennessee.     Brenda Lenard is unique in the fact that she is actively showing that she supports people over party simply by running.  Ms. Lenard is challenging an incumbent Senator of her own party in the primary.    When asked about why she would primary a member of her own party Ms. Lenard stated “ The few Senators that are fighting for Liberty and Justice are staring at the backs of their colleagues, like Lamar Alexander, who prefer to maintain the status quo than to stand up and fight for this country! I will not be such a weak and unprincipled Senator… I will fight for the people of Tennessee and for the people of America.

In researching the incumbent, Senator Lamar Alexander, we found a few things very puzzling.:

In the midst of one of the worst economic downturns our country has ever seen Senator Alexander voted YES on a Congressional Pay Raise in 2009, while at the same time calling for a balanced budget and fiscal responsibility.

In 1995 he voiced his support for a Presidential Line-Item Veto which would exponentially increase the power of the Executive Branch.  But now says that the Executive Branch has too much power, even without a Line-Item Veto.

He has voted twice to raise the minimum wage as a Senator, however in a 2013 Senate hearing he publicly stated that he would like to see the minimum wage abolished.

Senator Alexander was one of the Co-Sponsors for the SOPA/PIPA bills which, if they had passed, would have given the federal government the ability to censor the internet.

Norm Ornstein, a congressional scholar at the American Enterprise Institute,  may have said it best when , in a January 2014 interview, he stated “Lamar’s been a hero of mine for years, but I tell you I am down on him right now,” Ornstein said. “He’s been at least as much a part of the problem as a part of the solution.”

Lastly, from Senator Alexander’s own website :” There are too many people in Washington making speeches and not enough people working on results. We agree wholeheartedly which is why we have endorsed Brenda Lenard for Senator from Tennessee.

As the Campaign rages on we would like to echo the sentiment of Herman Cain, former Presidential Candidate, “ Brenda, we need you in the  United  States Senate.