The Permanent Apportionment Act of 1929  fixed the number of Representatives in the House at 435.  Leaving us with a fixed number of Representatives and an ever increasing population that gets less represented every year.  The main reason for the act according to floor debates at the time was lack of office space in Capitol Building in Washington D.C.   The current ratio of Representatives to Citizens is 1:730,000.

The Constitution, in Article 1 Section 2, states “ The Number of Representatives shall not exceed one for every thirty Thousand , but each State shall have at Least one Representative ” but they never said the max number of citizens per representative.  Which is what lead us to where we are currently. With a population of 317 million it is not feasible to revert back to a ratio of 1:30,000 – it would mean we would have over 10,000 members of the house.  Imagine the cost to the tax payer if we had over 10,000 representatives.  However we do believe that instead of fixing the number of Representatives we should fix the number of citizens per district.

1:730,000  -with no where to go but higher-  leaves too many unrepresented, or inadequately represented.  We propose a cap of 500,000 per district -while still a very large number we believe it is much better. This would mean an immediate increase in the number of districts from 435 to 634.  The 634 would ultimately increase as the population increases and would result in more Representatives in the House being added following the completion of each decennial census.

There is still the problem of the office space required. Please see our Game Changing Idea “Virtual Congress” which would have to be implemented before this Reapportionment could take effect.  Also all district lines would need to be re-drawn. Please see our Game Changing Idea “End Gerrymandering using the Shortest Splitline Algorithm” for a way we can redraw the lines fairly, quickly, and basically free.

Enacting this would give better representation to all Americans.  It does not favor one party over another in any way.

Game Changer PAC Petition: Reapportionment


I call upon Congress and the President to repeal Permanent Apportionment Act of 1929 and enact legislation that would tie the number of representatives in the House of Representatives to a district population number of no more that 500,000 citizens per elected representative in the House of Representatives.


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