Nope.. It is not a typo!
Donald Trump.. the man who has been constantly under attack, from all sides, because of his comments about Mexico and Illegal immigrants has the highest Hispanic Favorability rate of ANY OTHER REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE.

According to Public Policy Polling (PPP) Trump has a 34% favorability rate among Hispanics.

What does this mean for the groups and organizations that have been going out of their way to focus on Trump’s comments…. the organizers of protests, demonstrations, marches.. all to try and force the narrative that Trump is a racist?  It seems to mean that they are helping Trump -though they probably didn’t want to do that.

In fact, the poll shows that only two presidential candidates have higher favorability ratings with Hispanic Voters : Clinton (50%) and Sanders (37%).

Which means that Trump’s 34%  favorability rating among Hispanic Voters is trumping :

  • Bush (R) : 31%
  • Cruz (R) : 30%
  • Rubio (R) : 29%
  • Paul (R) : 29%
  • Walker (R) : 26%
  • Fiorina (R) : 25%
  • Christie (R) : 21%
  • O’Malley (D) : 18%
  • Donald Trump’s Hair (yes they really asked) : 16%
  • Carson (R) : 16%
  • Chafee (D) : 16%
  • Huckabee (R) : 16%
  • Webb (D) : 13%

Candidates known to be running but not listed above have neither a favorable nor unfavorable rating among Hispanic Voters in the poll.

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