The Citizen’s Compensation Commission, A state panel appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown, voted Monday to give the governor, state legislators and many other officials a 3% pay raise, saying it would make their salaries more competitive with leaders elsewhere.

Brown’s pay will go from $177,466 a year to $182,789; the base salary for lawmakers will go from $97,196 to $100,111. Leadership posts in the Legislature pay up to 15% more – according to the Los Angeles Times .

The question is, how will those new numbers match up with other states, since the commission said it was trying to make the salaries “more competitive with leaders elsewhere”

When Governor Brown gets his pay raise up to $182,789 he will be the 2nd highest paid governor in the United States.  Currently he is the 4th highest paid governor.   Most people would consider being in the top 10% of pay for a position pretty dang competitive.

Anthony Barkett, a member of the 4 person commission -the commission has 7 slots, 3 are vacant-,  thought that the new salary increase did not go far enough saying “the salary for the Governor of California should be in the range of $190,000 to $200,000.”

But what about the members of the Legislature, how do they stack up?  At $97,196 the California State Legislature already has the highest base salary in the United States.   In addition members of the Legislature also receive tax-free per diem expenses of $168 while in session.

So what is the real reason, since the stated reason is a mountain of BS?  The Governor, and many members of the State Legislature, want more money.  That in and of itself it not a unique thing.. Everybody wants more money.  But when you are running the World’s 8th largest economy, and it is running an increasing debt, you don’t deserve a raise.

But the governor has a built in shield, he can say that he didn’t do it.  A Citizen’s Commission did.

And what kind of force can the Governor and Legislature really put on these members of the citizen’s commission?

On second thought, what if it isn’t force that is being exerted, but favors?

It was also reported by the Los Angeles Times that l ast week, Governor Brown appointed Sacramento Kings executive Matina Kolokotronis to the panel a year and a half after the governor and Legislature eased environmental regulations to speed construction of an arena for the Kings in downtown Sacramento.

Sounds like someone is paying back a favor.