On March 27th Harry Reid shocked the political community in 2 ways.

First: After going around and telling everyone he was running, holding fundraisers, and even getting an ethics charge for campaigning on Senate property; Harry announced his retirement via Twitter and YouTube.

Second: Harry Reid named his successor.  Normally not a big deal, but this time his successor had not filed, not campaigned, and had just taken a prestigious job as the executive vice chancellor of the Nevada System of Higher Education.  By the way, the base salary for that job is $40,000 HIGHER than what she would make in the US Senate.

Nevertheless, Catherine Cortez-Masto, the former Attorney General for the State of Nevada, has finally announced that she will run for the seat that Harry Reid told her to run for.  She will give up the job she just took, if elected she will give up $40,000 per year. Because Harry Reid pulls her strings.

Also he is not letting her run her own campaign, as Harry’s long time chief of staff recently left the Minority Leader’s office and is rumored to already be a major part of Cortez-Masto’s campaign team at the behest of Harry Reid.

So Nevada, it looks like Harry Reid will be on the Ballot after all.  He will be on the catwalk while his marionette is asking for your vote.