According to Politico

Sen. Harry Reid summoned dozens of staffers to the Senate’s Mansfield Room Tuesday and delivered a clear message: He’s running for reelection next year.

The comments are in part aimed at putting to rest growing speculation inside the Senate that the 75-year-old Nevada Democrat — badly hurt from a painful injury to his right eye — would call it quits after nearly three decades in the chamber. The Senate minority leader faces what could be a difficult reelection race next year, plus his would-be successors are ready to run the Democratic Caucus the moment he calls it quits.

But Reid told roughly 50 aides at an unusual all-staff briefing just off the Senate floor that he is definitely running in 2016, prompting a round of applause, according to attendees. And in a brief interview with POLITICO, Reid made clear that he’s directed his top political aide, Rebecca Lambe, to continue hiring senior-level staff, including a campaign manager.

“I talked to Rebecca this week, they are still interviewing people, the answer is yes,” Reid said when asked if he was 100 percent committed to running.

–End of Story from Politico–

Though speculation has been flying, since his accident, Game Changer PAC always knew that, no matter what, Harry Reid would run to retain his power.  People like Harry Reid aren’t really in politics for the people, they aren’t in it to make their state, district, or country a better place.  They are in it for the Power,  The influences, The ill-gotten gains -that they never seem to get in trouble for.  In short, they are in it for themselves.  And Harry Reid is the biggest offender.

Game Changer PAC is engaged in Operation Silver State – Retire Harry Reid.

It is our mission to kick Harry Reid out of office and with him a dark cloud that has been latched onto Washington D.C. for 3 decades.

But we need your help.

We know they only way he keeps getting elected is that people just don’t understand who he is and what he does. Help us educate the voters so that they will not re-elect Harry Reid in 2016.