The only way to change the game in government is to change the players in the game.



Every now and then new ideas come along -and old ideas resurface- that can truly change the game for the better… if people only knew about them.  Below is a collection of really impressive Ideas that -if implemented- would reform government and help the American public.   These Game Changing Ideas span topics from Campaign Finance Reform, Currency Modernization, Reapportionment of Members of the House, Ending Gerrymandering,  Fixing the VA Medical System, and so much more.  Please look through our Game Changing Ideas and when you find one or more that you agree with, please use the donate link on that page to help us make it a reality and  don’t forget to Share it online so that others can learn about it as well.

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Election Reform

FEC Operated Central Donation Source for Candidates.

One of the biggest issues facing proper reporting of campaign finances to the FEC is payment processors.  That Coupled with reporting requirements and the $5,000 filing threshold .  To their credit, the people who […]

Remove Party Affiliation from Election Materials

It is an extremely sad fact that a very large percentage of voters cast their vote simply by looking at the party affiliation of candidates on the ballot.  These people are most commonly referred to as “Low Information […]

Change all PACs to Independent Expenditure Committees

People, including elected officials, talk a lot about draining the money out of politics.  It is very difficult to do.  Even more so now since the Supreme Court ruled that spending money is the same […]

End Gerrymandering using the Shortest Splitline Algorithm

I know 99% of you know what Gerrymandering is. For the 1% that don’t, the easiest definition is politicians drawing district lines to favor one party over another in elections.
The problem we face is that […]

Congressional Reform


Currently, in America, we have a system whereby someone can literally make a career out of getting elected to federal office.


We, as Americans, tend to believe that once a bill passes one chamber of Congress it gets voted on in the other.  Sadly this is not the case 100% of the time.  There is […]

Fix the Filibuster

Made famous by the 1939 film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and infamous by senators who used it to block civil rights legislation, the filibuster was initially conceived as a way to prevent a Senate majority from […]


The Permanent Apportionment Act of 1929  fixed the number of Representatives in the House at 435.  Leaving us with a fixed number of Representatives and an ever increasing population that gets less represented every year.  The […]

Virtual Congress

Legend has it that Washington, D.C. is built on swampland.  While marshes are prevalent, the legend is false, but at the same time, it is figuratively true.  Swamps are messy places — notorious breeding […]

Tax Reform

Tax Inclusive Pricing

Have you ever gone to a store for a large shopping trip, and your total was higher that you thought it should be?  Then you look at your receipt and realize the taxes and fees that […]

Enact the FairTax

In this Game Changing Idea we bring you the single biggest Game Changer there is.
What if we told you that there was a tax system that:

Got rid of the IRS
Removed the possibility of […]

Other Reform


Forget everything you think you know about nuclear power.


You may be asking yourself; “What is wrong with the lottery system?”  The answer is simple, it doesn’t work they way it was supposed to.

Americans spend 68 BILLION dollars a year playing the lottery […]

Replace Dollar Bill with Dollar Coin

A lot of people don’t like this idea but it would save the United States billions.  How?  Glad you asked.
First lets take a look at the 1 Dollar Bill:

Average Life Span of 5 years.
Costs $0.06 […]

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