FEC Operated Central Donation Source for Candidates.

One of the biggest issues facing proper reporting of campaign finances to the FEC is payment processors.  That Coupled with reporting requirements and the $5,000 filing threshold .  To their credit, the people who work at the FEC are not only there to help, but want to help as well.  In my dealings with the FEC I was very impressed and got the sense that they really wanted to help people get it right.

But the rules and regs are kind of complicated.  First you don’t need to File until you raise or spend $5,000, a lot of candidates get confused by this and think that they do not need to report in a period if they haven’t raised $5,000, which is wrong.  You have to file the FEC 3 form, on time -every time- once you have filed as a candidate with FEC forms 1&2.

Now, since the FEC says you don’t have to file until that $5,000 threshold that opens up failure to file issues that fall into 3 categories:

  1. Didn’t Know the rules
  2. Raised/Spent the $5,000 but forgot to file, or wasn’t paying close enough attention.
  3. Raised more than the $5,000 with the intent to not claim it on the FEC form.

We can wipe out those issues in a heart beat by requiring all Candidates File before raising any money.

Looking over filings from various candidates I saw errors on over 30% of the forms in regards to donation reporting as well as expenditure reporting.  Most likely this is caused by the overly complex forms that must be complied with.  We can fix that too.

Here are the changes:

  1. Every Federal Candidate must file with the FEC before raising ANY money to run for office.
  2. The FEC will give them an online portal for accepting donations via Credit or Check.
  3. The Processing fees will be equal to cost of processing so that there is no revenue generation for the government.
  4. All Online Portals will be identical with the exception of the Candidates Name and FEC Number being listed at the top.
  5. No Cash donations would be allowed.
  6. All Candidates would also be issued a mailing address and standardized form for donors to use to send donations via the mail
    • The Mailing Address would look something like this (with the Box # being the Candidate FEC Number Followed by the State and District the Candidate is running in) :
      999 E Street, NW
      BOX # C001234567-CA-03
      Washington, DC 20463

  7. The FEC would then have access to the donation data and would not require th e Candidates to fill it out.
  8. The FEC would Transfer donated funds to the Candidate’s bank account as soon as the funds clear.
  9. The FEC will maintain an Online system for Candidates to enter their expenditures in lieu of paper filing or using the current Electronic Filing Software that is not compatible with all computer operating systems.

By Implementing the 8 Changes above we can stop errors in reporting and begin to curtail Campaign Finance “irregularities”.   This system will be able to catch over donations as well as multiple donations from a single account.  Those are the 2 biggest Red Flags to violations of Campaign Finance Laws.



I call upon Congress and the President to require that all donations to Candidates be first sent to the FEC and that the FEC shall operate as a Central Donation Source for all campaign contributions as outlined on the GAME CHANGER PAC website located at :


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