Willy Wonka once said “A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest men.” But with the goings on in the Senate currently we think even the fictional master chocolatier would think things were just too nonsensical in Washington D.C. these days.

Three times last week, on three consecutive days, The Senate voted for Cloture on the Filibuster of H.R. 240, a House passed bill that funded Department of Homeland Security while blocking President Obama’s executive actions on immigration.

Senator Harry Reid engaged the filibuster as soon as the bill was introduced, and every Senate Democrat quickly fell in line.  They also seemingly forgot how much they have hated the filibuster for the last few years.  Calling Republicans “Hostage Takers” for their use of the filibuster, for instance.

The Senior Senator from Nevada’s reason for blocking the bill was because it was not a “Clean Bill” meaning that it didn’t just give a big blank check.  Senator Reid is against the bill doing anything except giving money without restriction.

But instead of allowing debate on the bill, and allowing his fellow senators the ability to bring forth amendments, including Democrat senators, Harry has blocked their ability until such time as the Senate can muster 60 votes just to proceed. It is important to realize that a Cloture vote would not pass the bill, it would just allow debate to commence.

So, 3 times in 3 days Democrats blocked a bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security, which will not shut down when funding runs out, but rather the personnel at DHS will not be paid and will still be required to come to work.

Also on that first day (2/3/15) Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson threatened US Law Enforcement Officials in a letter sent out to ALL Police Chiefs and Sheriffs nationwide.  Johnson told them that they will not receive federal grants, that they are counting on, if the Republican Congress does not pass a clean funding bill for DHS.

One has to wonder just what Secretary Johnson thinks Local Police Chiefs and Sheriffs can do about congress not passing any type of legislation. Maybe he thinks that if he scares them enough they will violate their jurisdictional boundaries, fly to D.C., and arrest members of Congress? We don’t know. What we do know was that this was made public by a Sheriff from Colorado who did not take kindly to the thinly veiled threat being put out the the head of the DHS.

Scores of democrats have been making the rounds saying that if the DHS funding runs out it will be the fault of the Republicans because they didn’t vote to fund DHS, while the truth is that they have voted to fund it . Multiple times, in both chambers of Congress, Republicans have been the CLEAR majority in voting to fund the DHS.

But does that stop Senator Harry Reid from sending this out:

Or This:

Where he lays the blame for the current blockage in the Senate at the feet of Republicans, instead of with himself -where it belongs.

Then, to make things even weirder in Washington D.C., in an interview with VOX President Obama said “we need to eliminate the routine use of the filibuster”, on Monday.

So now the President, and former senator, has weighed in and has effectively said that the filibuster is over used. This was an unprompted response to being asked what America needs to do to remain governable .  Moreover, this was months after his party lost the majority in the Senate and just days after 3 straight unsuccessful votes to break a Harry Reid instituted filibuster.

Then, with pundits and policy wonks alike already scratching their heads, news came out that a Senator from Maryland had just said something so incredibly dim witted, so insane, so far-fetched that it could only have come from her party leadership…

“We don’t see ourselves as filibustering,” said Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.). “We’re not just stopping things to stop it. We feel that we’re actually being constructive.”

We imagine a booming thud echoing through Washington D.C. as the people who actually pay attention to things like this collectively slammed their heads into their desks upon hearing what Senator Mikulski said.

Sadly though, we know this is not the case. Those of us that follow these things just aren’t easily shocked anymore. But we hope you are! And we hope you take action!

Game Changer PAC is engaged in Operation Silver State – Retire Harry Reid.

It is our mission to kick Harry Reid out of office and with him a dark cloud that has been latched onto Washington D.C. for 3 decades.

But we need your help.

We know they only way he keeps getting elected is that people just don’t understand who he is and what he does. Help us educate the voters so that they will not re-elect Harry Reid in 2016.