Currently, in America, we have a system whereby someone can literally make a career out of getting elected to federal office.   This was never the intent of our system of government.  People were supposed to go to the capitol, serve a bit of time and then go back to their home districts.  By enacting term limits on congress we would be forcing our federally elected officials to actually live with the laws that they passed, and the repercussions for passing them.  But “Career Politicians” never have to do that.

John Dingell Retired in January 2015 after haven been in office for just shy of 60 years.

John Dingell retired in January 2015 after having been in office for just shy of 60 years.  He holds the record as the longest serving member of Congress in history.

People who have been in office for decades lose touch with their home districts.  Some even stop thinking of their districts as “Home”.  For example, in early 2015, The Senior Senator from Nevada, Harry Reid, was seriously injured during a home exercise accident.  As a result he had to stay at home for the first 2 weeks of the new session of congress -Home for him being a million dollar apartment at the Ritz Carlton in Washington D.C.. During a press conference he said that he missed the Senate and was “Home-Sick” for the senate floor.

HOME-SICK FOR THE SENATE FLOOR?!?!??!?!  Did he actually say that, YES HE DID.  Other examples exist as well;  Senator Dianne Feinstein, from California, lists her “home address” on her FEC forms as Washington D.C.  and there are a lot more.

When a member of congress starts thinking of D.C. as their home, they have been there too long.   They have lost touch with why they were sent there.   Conversely, there are members of congress that actually sleep in their offices for the express purpose of not getting too comfortable in D.C..   Which is why it is a difficult prospect when you say “we should kick them out after X number of years”.  You end up kicking out the bad ones, but also the good ones.

Unfortunately, that is what we need to do.   So that we can make sure that the bad ones, with lots of power and influence, who are able to get re-elected because they have a ton of money behind them which allows for more campaign ads, mailers, et cetera, can only stay for a finite amount of time.

We propose the following term limits:

No more than 4 terms in the United States House of Representatives. And no more than 2 terms in the United States Senate.   This would equate to a MAXIMUM of 20 years of “service” as a federally elected official.

Which still seems like a lot, we know, but when you look at the numbers; both of these term limit times are lower than the current average length of service for members of both the House and the Senate.