Change all PACs to Independent Expenditure Committees

People, including elected officials, talk a lot about draining the money out of politics.  It is very difficult to do.  Even more so now since the Supreme Court ruled that spending money is the same as speech and, as such, is protected under the First Amendment.  So how do we allow people to spend money on politics, while at the same time limiting the money that gets donated directly to Candidate Committees.

Here is where it gets fun.  Most people who donate large sums of money donate to Political Action Committees (Like Game Changer PAC) and then those Political Action Committees donate the max ($5,200) to a lot of different candidates (Unlike Game Changer PAC).

Game Changer PAC is a Super PAC, meaning we are an Independent Expenditure Committee.  We can raise unlimited funds and spend them in support or opposition of candidates and issues.  We can not give money directly to a candidate and we can not coordinate with any Candidate or Candidate Controlled Committee.   What we can do is spend on behalf, or opposition, of a candidate.  Print Ad Campaigns, Social Media Campaigns,  Television Ads, Radio Ads, Mailers. Yard Signs, Bumper Stickers.  Stuff like that.

This is much better than Political Action Committees giving directly to a Candidate.  Why?  Because many larger Corporate PACs and Union PACs give money directly to candidates that will, or have, vote their way on issues.  If you look through the massive FEC donations database you will find that quite often PACs will hedge their bets in a close race and donate to both of the top 2 candidates in a race.  By doing that they are very simply, in their minds, buying future contact and/or favors from the candidate they “helped” get elected.

By forcing all Political Action Committees to do their own spending in favor of candidates, instead of just throwing money at candidates, they will have to put their own material together AND they will have to pick a side.  Not an easy thing to do.  When you can’t play both sides of a political race you get very choosy, very quickly.  Because if you back the wrong horse it could come back to bite you.

Another aspect of this is that Candidates with a lot of clout in an industry will get a lot of PAC money donated to them that they can use to publicly say “Look how much money I’ve raised, I am the best candidate!”  We’ve seen this a lot when it comes to the Young Guns program from the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC).  The Young Guns supposedly identifies new Republican Candidates that they should support to either fill a vacant seat, or unseat a Democrat.  In order for you to “Get on the Radar”, and later get their endorsement and fund raising help, you have to meet fundraising benchmarks.  If there is more than one Republican in the race for that seat -with no incumbent Republican- the first person to meet those fundraising benchmarks gets the support.  IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THEIR STANCES ON ISSUES!

Being able to get PAC money thrown at you from all over the country that you count as donations gives an unfair advantage to those who have “connections” over those who truly want to change the game in government.

The PACs that would have thrown money at candidates before would still be able to spend in support of their favorite candidates, just not give directly to them.  By doing it this way, we change the amount of money that goes to candidates while not violating the first amendment right to spend on politics.

Game Changer PAC Petition: Change all PACs to Independent Expenditure Committees


I call upon Congress and the President to enact legislation that would re-designate all Political Action Committees (PACs) to be Independent Expenditure Committees. This will preclude PACs from donating directly to Candidates and instead force them to operate completely independently of Candidates by being able to spend in favor of the Candidate while not being able to coordinate with Candidates of Candidate Controlled Committees. Moreover, this will force candidates to get their donations directly from individuals that they seek to represent.


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