Are you ready for another Government Shutdown Showdown!?

That’s right sports fans,  The CBO Released a report today saying “the Treasury will run out of cash between mid-November and early December” (page 19 – point “C”)

The National Debt as been frozen just under the legal debt ceiling of $18,113,000,080,959.35  since March of 2015.  Since then the Treasury has had to rely on so-called extraordinary measures to keep us going but they run out of tricks in November.  Congress must raise the debt limit before that deadline is reached to avoid default.

But with a number of Republican members of Congress running for President -hoping to earn some, much needed, points with the primary voter base of the Republican Party- we can look forward to lengthy floor speeches, tough negotiations, and a filibuster or 2.. possibly even a single-person filibuster as 2 Republican Presidential Hopefuls, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, hold the 9th and 4th place slots -respectively- for the longest personal filibusters in history.

Rand Paul held the floor by himself for 12 hours and 52 minutes in his filibuster decrying drones.  Ted Cruz lasted an astonishing 21 hours and 19 minutes.  Seriously, try standing up and talking for just 2 hours with no sitting, no food, no water, and no bathroom breaks, it isn’t easy.  Regardless of the content of their speeches and whether or not you agree with their stances on issues you have to admit that they both completed a hell of a feat.

All of this is a bit of speculation -what will happen in congress, not the running out of money part- since no debt negotiations are currently going on or have been scheduled.

This brings us to a major issue within congress.  The seemingly masochistic desire to always wait until something is a crisis in order to deal with an issue.  We need to change the Game in Government!  To do that we need to change the thinking of those we send there.  To do that we need to use our voices.

Before you say that they don’t care what about the sounds coming out of our mouths you need to understand that our votes are our loudest voice.  We need our representatives to tackle large issues early so that we don’t come up against a hard deadline and are forced to pass something that is not ready, and not right.

Oh, and if you are worried that this article did not scare you enough with the goings on in D.C. here is a couple of stats for ya:

-In order to get the United States out of debt right now Every American Citizen would have to pay over $57,000 .

-The total amount of United States Unfunded Liabilities ( Medicare, Publicly-held National Debt, Public Employee Benefits, and Veteran Benefits) -according to the US TREASURY- is currently over 97 TRILLION DOLLARS.

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