That’s right sports fans The Attorney General of the State of California, and front runner to replace outgoing Senator Barbra Boxer (D-CA) -Kamala Harris-, has a bit of mud on her face today following the arrest of her deputy director of community affairs, Brandon Kiel.

Mr. Kiel was arrested for running a “ROGUE POLICE FORCE” named “The Masonic Fraternal Police Department” according to multiple reports.

It is unclear if Attorney General Harris was aware that one of her top aides was going around telling everyone he was the “Chief Deputy Director” of the evidently 3,000 year old “Police Department” founded by the Knight’s Templar.

In the below video, uploaded June 26, 2014, Kiel can be heard saying “The Attorney General appointed me, I have her authority.”  AND “I was recommended for my position from the U.S. Senator’s office, uhh,  Senator Fienstein”

Kiel is charged with six counts of impersonating an officer and unlawful use of a state ID.